A downloadable game jam prototype for Windows and macOS

Requires one game controller per player up to four local players! Keyboard/mouse not supported.

Cube vs Cube vs Cube vs Cube is a local multiplayer arena game where you battle other players for control of the Coin Cube. 

Score points by picking up and holding on to the Coin Cube for as long as possible. Knock the Coin Cube from another player by crashing into them with your cube. 

When your cube's "nose" is white you can press the A button for a turbo boost in the direction you are facing. All other movement is handled by the left joystick.

Windows and Mac builds available.

I created this in about 5 hours during the 2017 Sarasota Game Jam https://itch.io/jam/sarasota-game-jam


Cube_vs_Cube_vs_Cube_vs_Cube.zip 17 MB
Cube_vs_Cube_vs_Cube_vs_Cube.app.zip 19 MB

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